Alveron, the floating city, is a medium-sized city centered on a cluster of islands at the mouth of the Silveron River in northeastern Myria. It was originally settled around year 655 as a secret safe-haven for smugglers and privateers who plied the surrounding seas. These rogues sought to create their own marketplace where they could trade their goods without lining the coffers of Imperial Arcadia to the south. Alveron grew from a series of sparsely populated sand-bars to a bustling city with a port, a shipyard and an intricate system of canals that provided quick transportation throughout the city. Merchants and farmers from all over the region gravitated toward the new port city, hungry to profit from the tax-free markets.

This freedom was short-lived, however, as the Arcadians invaded the region in 723. The city’s most powerful merchants, fearful of what might become of them when the Legions arrived, threw open Alveron’s gates and graciously welcomed their imperial conquerors. Despite this, the new imperial governor immediately set about installing a system of government in Alveron with a ruling council of appointed imperial officials. Those merchants who resisted their occupiers were dispossessed of their wealth in order to pay for the construction of a lavish new palace to house this council.Strict regulations were imposed on the people of the city in an effort to quickly bring them into the line.

With the death of the last Arcadian King in 876 and the resulting civil war, the Arcadian hold over Alveron evaporated virtually overnight. The Guild of Assassins in Alveron found itself awash in contracts to dispatch any imperial official unwise enough to remain within the city. With the foreigners removed, Alveron’s elite nobles and merchants moved in to pilot the ship of state.

Since that time two Great Houses and several powerful merchants have risen to prominence within the city and vie for control of the city’s council. Alveron has rarely participated in the armed conflicts that often embroil its neighbors but it maintains a sizable fleet of ships to patrol its waters. Alveron is a popular port-of-call and its markets overflow with goods from lands near and far.


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