Current Events

Myria in the Year 1034

Today, Myria is composed almost entirely of autonomous city-states. The days of continent spanning empires and kingdoms passed with the final dissolution of the Kingdom of Arcadia in 875. Without a powerful political force to reign them in, Guilds have risen to such prominence that few nobles would dare to anger them.

Strange Ocurrences

Slightly over three months ago, many people experienced what could only be called an episode of mass dementia that affected thousands. All at once, people in geographically separate locales experienced all manner of strange visions. Some people broke out into violent seizures while others simply fainted on the spot. And then, just as quickly as they had come, the visions stopped. Scholars and Centemplum officials looking into the event uncovered a connection almost immediately. Everyone who experienced the event had possessed a stronger than normal connection to the Nether, that mysterious other side of reality from where magic stems. For most, these people were sanctioned mages of the Arcanum or rogue-mages who had eluded the Arcanum’s Genasi-hunters. But some were innocent farm-hands or noble ladies or any number of other seemingly normal people. The best guess that any have made is that something happened in the Nether to trigger this event, but what that something is, none can say.

Possibly even stranger, farmers and travelers began seeing outlandish creatures roaming the outskirts of civilization. They described them as humanoid beings of crafted metal and stone. While mostly peaceful, these “Warforged,” as they called themselves, were more confused than anything else as they emerged from the wilderness. Many claimed to lack any but the most cryptic of memories while others simply recalled centuries of quiet reflection in long abandoned tombs and ruins.

These reports quickly gave rise to rumors of treasure. When a band of adventurers soon returned with wagons full of ancient treasure from a recently unsealed vault, hordes of would-be treasure-seekers swarmed into the frontier wilds. Since then, many have made their fortunes but many more have disappeared and some speculate now that more lurks within these hidden ruins than mere treasure.

Current Events

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