Long ago, a group of ambitious magi discovered a powerful secret. These magi delved deeply into the arcane, searching for a way to expand their already substantial powers. They regularly traveled into the Nether, exploring its boundless infinities and shaping it to their wills. It was in the Nether that they discovered a means of more closely tying themselves to the ethereal realm. When these magi finally returned to the physical world, they were changed.

They called themselves the Unfettered and wielded arcane energies that no mortal could dream of. In short order the Unfettered conquered the lands of Myria. Cities that tried to resist the magi were summarily obliterated. In a few short years, the new Netheryn Empire stretched across Myria like a pestilent cloud. For the next hundred years, the people of Myria were subject to the warped depravities of the Unfettered. Whatever they had done to gain their power, they had traded their humanity in the process. The Unfettered required a daily sacrifice from every city. Those who refused to provide a sacrifice were put to the sword and made an example of. Men and women were enslaved by the thousands to sate their cruel appetites.

It was during this dark time that the world’s salvation would emerge. A woman named Sevenus Adjudice, a stranger from the outskirts of civilization began to call for the aid of the gods of Myria in destroying the Unfettered. Until this point, the Gods and spirits of Myria had remained largely aloof of events on Myria. Their major concerns were with their divine rivals, not with some upstart mages. For a god to expend so much energy in protecting its people, it would make itself vulnerable to its enemies in the Nether. Sevenus called for all the gods, good and evil to unite, to set aside their differences and join under one roof. She traveled across the land, gathering mortal and immortal followers as she did so. Spirits great and small flocked to her banner and eventually the most powerful gods also joined, many reasoning that to refuse would be to invite retribution later.

When the Unfettered attempted to deal with Sevenus, they were astounded to discover that her powers now matched or even exceeded their own. Mysteriously, she was completely immune to their attacks. Without their arcane strength to destroy their greatest enemy, the Unfettered were forced to send armies against Sevenus. The war was savage and thousands died daily, but with each step, Sevenus Adjudice freed the people of Myria and they flocked to her side. The Unfettered retreated, combining their powers for a final confrontation in the city of Durubar. The battle was epic, the city destroyed and sunken beneath the earth. When the dust cleared, Sevenus stood victorious and the Unfettered were gone. Their reign of terror had finally ended.


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