A Genasi, a Warforged and Half-orc walk into a bar...

...from the journal of Drake the Thief

This journal was discovered adrift by a small local fishing boat along the coast south of Alveron. Despite the severe water damage, some pages were salvageable.

” ...and so it was that I was finally hired for a well paid gig. To think that when I walked into the Golden Goblet I was about to spend what little antems I had left getting so drunk even a dwarf would join my intervention. Good thing that little piece of Gambiri fodder showed up when he did, parading his bounty around. I’m sure if Baruz knew what a debt-sucking drunkard he had just hired for his little expedition, he might have called off the whole thing until he could replace me. Pops had better appreciate this.

“But it’s not as if I’m the only Lady-pissed walkoff here. I have to run around with a talking tree-rock….thing, a scabby street urchin, and a sword-wielding glow-in-the-dark puddle. Not to mention that shape-shifting freak who not only talks likes he’s netharted but actually had the gall to walk right out of the Facet looking just like bleedin’ Sevenus Adjudice! He’s supposed to be of some importance to the ‘Sky Temple’ place, but he clearly knows as much about it as I do about Tarrasque mating habits. Talk about having a hefty coin sack though, breaking out of the Facet like that. I can see Igmo going a long way.

“Soveliss ain’t so bad for the silver nipple type. At least he’s from better crop than the Gambiri’s. Note to self: Check his estate for shinies but avoid taking any candelabrum.

“I made sure to let those Gaming Houses know that I will be taking on jobs to pay off the debt now. Even gave them that posh dagger as a down payment. Just as long as I don’t have to mess around with that devil-grinned lout Ravick. Working with his type would be bad enough, but to cross him… not even the Nether would hide me. I hope someone kills him soon. I’d like to shake the hand of the guy with the sack to pull that off.

“So we’re onboard the ‘Lady’s Bounty’ making our way to the infamous Camp. I can already hear Soveliss mumbling about having some sort of Lady-pissed name for our group. Ten antems that he has his name in it.

” I’m starting to have doubts about this whole mess. This ‘Sky Temple’ better be dripping with gold and such. Risking my neck in the middle of the Gods-forsaken Wilds with these freaks as ‘comrades’ all in order to haul back some supposed ‘untold wealth’ load only to get a percentage no bigger than Kobolds boinker? By the piss of the Lady, I could have sworn I saw some sort of oversized lizard staring at me in the bushes on the shoreline yesterday! I’m doing this for you pops. I’d do anything for you, you drunken swine.

“At least were actually sailing and not on one of those damnable airships. I hate those things. Those gods-blasted things will be the death of me.”



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