A quick sketch

Bringing us up to speed over the last several months

Many elements introduced in months previous are starting to come back into play. I feel a reminder of what has come before is warranted. The last adventure post was Tau in Manse Sevellus after returning from Skytemple peak.

From there we were invited to a gala and witnessed an assassination. Charged with the fulfillment of his mission, we boarded an airship to play ambassadors in Mercantor. This airship was set upon by Shadowgrasp, whose minions killed Igmo and Drake.

We washed up on a shore and gained three new allies: Eric, Lum, and Gojin. We pursued our mission in Mercantor, resulting in an all-out war with Alverone. We witnessed a warforged factory and entered into a pact with Shadowgrasp: trade Alverone for the Ragdmazzegis.

We gain new allies: The crew and captain of the Black Nautilus. On the sea voyage back, a shipwreck leaves us with two able survivors: Mo: an ex-airship-captain and Greth: a disciple of Grelnek, the monster God beneath the waves.

We uncover the Radgmazzegis in a floating city, learning of its destructive powers and gaining its defenders as Allies: Fola Eejalaoomdalailocktoesaybot, and the Avenri, a winged people and a crew of Griffons.

Deciding not to fulfill our pact with Shadowgrasp, we return to a besieged Alverone and defend its walls successfully. That night we catch our old nemesis, Dooglas Gambiri attempting to betray the city. We destroy his team along with a section of wall. Calling upon the aid of the Centemplum, we parlay with the Mercantor forces and discover that their leader has been assassinated. Shadowgrasp is never heard from again. We are embraced as heroes by Alverone and see to its regrowth.


A Centemplum knight, Kai Durubar bears a request for an official audience in the First Facet, regarding the Unfettered. We are approached by our old patron Baruz, who admits that he was an accomplice to Shadowgrasp and requests that we transfer prisoners to a client in the First Facet. WE meet Gilgathorn, a mercenary who warns of a bounty on our heads. The party splits up: Some head on Griffons to heed a call from the Stone Spirit of Skytemple Peak, while others escort the Radgmazzegis and prisoners on ship to The First Facet.

The seaboard crew head to their destination without event discovering that their prisoners are laconic monks called the Akaorti.

The Stone-bound crew discovers the fates of Igmo and Drake, whose souls have been in the limbo of the stone’s contract. We are given a ritual and told to take part of the stone to the heart of a far-away mountain and perform a ritual with it using an energy conduit there. We meet a slightly “off” Haverim and note the absence of the Genassi tribe that used to live here.

We travel for weeks to the First Facet. In a nearby town we band with an Oni adventurer, Maiko, and his beholder zombie partner Snooty to fulfill a quest for Dreena, Goddess of secrets. We meet a the dying God T’honik and agree to expand his power in the First Facet. We attain the Book of Names, a tome kept in T’Honik’s tower for millennia. While traveling with Maiko we learn of recent reports of “The Black Shrieker,” an Unfettered. We take a side trip to destroy a troublesome Griffon and meet Orla, a halfling female with a teleportation problem who seems a servant of Leara, Goddess of instruction. Secretly she acts as a spy for the Arcanum. She agrees to act as an informant for us.

We arrive like a storm in the First Facet with fireworks and banners flying. In Dreena’s temple we are ambushed by Stormcrows and are aided by Gilgathorn. We hold off on returning the Book of Names to Dreena. We find that the city is filled with people eager for our blood and have some difficulty in moving about. We make it to our official audience with the Centemplum, learn of Soulpinch: an Unfettered with a past involving Kai, and are charged with investigating reports of her appearance in the Giant’s shield mountains. We hold a staged fight with Maiko, pleasing him greatly and cementing him as an ally. In Baruz’s second Golden Goblet we learn that our monkish prisoners need to be transported to Umri Kalan, where the client awaits, and that their home was destroyed after a vaulted door was opened. We kept our promise to T’Honik, who aided us in a fight with The Black Shrieker and reinstalled his moving tower.

Half our party arrives by griffon and lays siege to Fortress Graystone in the Giants shield mountain. We are ambushed and imprisoned by Gilgathorn who reveals himself as a bounty hunter. While secretly being auctioned off in the First Facet, we escape our prison and defeat Fangren: bearer and lord of The Wicked Fang. We befriend Kyrion: a Shadar-Kai weapon master who offers to train us should we find him in the First Facet. We defeat Soulpinch: an Unfettered sorceress harnessing Demon-God magic through the conduit, who escapes through a tear in space. We Safely close the conduit an seal it with The Stone’s ritual then jump into the closing rip in space.

We arrive in what can only be Umri Kalan: the mystic vale, and proceed with the hunt for Soulpinch.



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